University of New Mexico

Inclusion Lab

We develop, test, and scale mechanisms to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in institutions of higher education and other organizations.

Meet our team

Mala Htun

Professor of Political Science and Special Advisor for Inclusion and Climate, School of Engineering

Liz Godwin

Research Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jesse Aleman

Professor of English and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies

Amir Hedayati

Assistant Professor of Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences

John Wagner

SOE Graduate Excellence Fellow

Rashida Jeduah

College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Fellow

Melanie Sayuri Dominguez

College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Fellow


Our Projects

  • “New Strategies to Broaden Participation in Engineering” (NSF # 2000448) adapts bystander intervention curriculum for delivery by STEM faculty and evaluates the effects on faculty and students. See our 2022 ASEE paper.
  • “AGEP ACA: Collaborative Research to Engage Leaders to Improve Diversity among STEM Faculty” (NSF #2149204) pilots a factorial experiment to identify the most important components of research excellence and engages STEM leaders in the development of strategies to retain and advance under-represented faculty in STEM fields. Check out the article about this project.
  • Analysis of the institutional climate in UNM School of Engineering SOE through quality of life surveys for faculty, students, and staff. See our first report.
  • Analysis of the effects of sexual harassment and assault training on attitudes, behavior, and institutional culture. See our 2022 article in Socius.
  • New, Equitable, Responsible, and Adaptable Housing (NewERAH), based at University of Michigan, Navajo Tech University, Princeton University, Columbia University, University of New Mexico.
  • “Understanding Undergraduate Latinas’ Interest in Graduate School” (NSF #2225399) uses multiple social research methods to probe the factors influencing the intention of Latina students to pursue engineering careers.

  • National Center for Long-Life Transportation Infrastructure (LATI), based at University of California (Berkeley), Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Northwestern University, University of Alabama, University of New Mexico, University of Oklahoma.